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Student Portal

AppSoftPro Studio© Student Portal allows the user access to the following items:

  • Main Feed
  • My Students
  • Users
  • Attendance
  • Inst. Schedule
  • Shop
  • Notifications
Main FeedShows all posts from all instructors and parents the user follows
My StudentsAllows the user to add, edit and view all students assigned to them in the system.
UsersAllows the user to select other parents and instructors to follow
AttendanceA report that shows all attendance for the selected student in the users student list.
Inst. ScheduleThis shows the instructor schedule and allows the parent or student to sign-up for private lessons
ShopThis allows the user to purchase inventory, signup for tournaments and events.
NotificationsThe system will send out notifications to the user when one of the people they follow posts something in the student portal, the notifications go out via e-mail and it will also appear under notifications in the student portal.