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AppSoftPro Studio© Tournament allows the user access to the following items:

  • Tournaments
  • Default Events/Divisions
  • Split Divisions
  • Merge Divisions
  • Search for Competitor
  • Teams
  • Manual Signup
  • Tournament Report
  • Event Report
  • Financial Report
  • Enter Results
TournamentsAllows the user to add, edit and view all tournaments in the system.
Default Events/DivisionsAllows the user to view/add or edit default divisions (sparring, kata, etc) and divisions for tournaments.
Spit DivisionAllows the user split a large division into smaller divisions with the same information passed from the parent division to the split division
Merge DivisionAllows the user merge smaller divisions into the same division.
Search for CompetitorAllows the user search for a competitor for a specific tournament.
TeamsAllows the user, view and modify tournament teams in the system.
Manual SignupAllows the user manually signup a student for the selected tournament.
Tournament ReportAllows the user view all competitors and the events/divisions they have signed up for.
Event ReportAllows the user view all competitors in the selected event they have signed up for.
Financial ReportAllows the user view all the financial information for the select tournament.
Enter ResultsAllows the user view, add and modify the tournament results in the system.